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News calendar    Mar 10, 2021

Render Capital Invests $250,000 Into Resonate Recordings

We invested $250,000 in Resonate Recordings, a podcast production company. The investment will help develop new software offerings and make podcasting tools more accessible and affordable! Learn more about Resonate and this exciting addition to our portfolio!

We are excited to announce a $250,000 investment into Resonate Recordings. Resonate Recordings offer access to podcasting production, editing, launching and distribution tools, as well as a professional podcasting team, to help clients create quality recordings that represent their unique creative expression. They have worked with more than 10 podcasts that have hit number 1, which has helped them grow their client base around the world.

“We believe the barrier to entry for new podcasters is way too high,” said Jacob Bozarth, Co-founder and CEO of Resonate Recordings.

This investment will help Resonate Recordings build additional software offerings, such as their iOS app, during the first half of 2021. They also plan to continue investing in product development and service enhancements for their enterprise and professional offerings, many of which will be released throughout this spring. 

“With Render Capital’s investment, we can further develop how we go about making easier and affordable podcasting tools available to anyone who has something to say.” Jacob Bozarth, Co-founder and CEO of Resonate Recordings.

“We believe their team, products and services are poised to have a global impact, making all aspects of podcasting easier for their customers and we are excited to see them grow.” TJ Abood, Partner at Render Capital.

Since its founding in 2014, Resonate Recordings has grown through its collaborations with notable podcasts such as CounterClock, To Live and Die in LA, Culpable, Sworn, and Up & Vanished, all of which have been ranked as #1 Shows on Apple Podcasts. Today, Resonate drives traffic by the consistent publishing of podcast resources via their blog, weekly newsletter (Podcast Pro Weekly), social media, a growing affiliate network and SEO strategy. They additionally plan to further grow their podcast-specific software tools, such as Resonate Recorder and Resonate Hosting, which was released in 2020. 

Learn more about Resonate Recordings.

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