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The Angel Network

The Render Capital Angel Network is a strategic new program and a critical part of our
educational efforts to stimulate and grow the regional economy.

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Educate, train and inspire the next generation of early-stage investors.

Through our Render Capital Angel Network, our mission is to educate, train and inspire the next generation of early-stage investors in order to stimulate outsized involvement, investment and returns for founders, funders and our region alike in a sustainable way within the next 3 years. By utilizing a comprehensive educational curriculum, we believe that we can better prepare new angel investors.

We envision an angel ecosystem with the necessary resources to build generational wealth for themselves and their communities.

We envision an ecosystem that has the ability to fully participate in the mainstream economy and have the necessary resources to build generational wealth for themselves and their communities, particularly through successful business ownership. Angel investing and ownership shares serve to increase the overall wealth of the region and access to capital across our region to stimulate economic growth.

Why The Angel Network?

The Louisville and Southern Indiana region needs a thriving angel network in order to provide the critical early-stage capital needed for our long-term success. The early growth in angel organizations in the United States occurred because individual angel investors found many advantages to working together — better investment decisions, enhanced deal flow, the ability to combine their funds into larger equity investments, and group social attributes. Studies from Kauffman in 2004 and further in 2014 show that density of capital and connections is critical to sustain these networks and increase entrepreneurial activity. Conversely, over the past 5 years in Louisville, two angel networks have closed largely because of this lack of deal flow, a trusted brand and continued education for a new generation of angel investors.

In Collaboration with the ACA

The Render Capital Angel Network is made stronger through collaboration with the Angel Capital Association. We are proud to partner with the ACA to provide our members with the right tools to make more high-quality investments.


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Successful businesses and successful investors creates  economic vibrancy.