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Competition calendar    Feb 18, 2021

Q&A With The Render Competition Winners – Roborus

Catch up with the winners of the Render Competition and hear about their experiences and plans for the future. Learn how Roborus is revolutionizing the restaurant industry with smart ordering systems and facial identification technology. Find out how they plan to use their $100k investment to scale their startup in the Greater Louisville region.

Last fall, we announced the eight winners of the inaugural Render Competition. Each startup received a $100,000 investment to scale their solution within and beyond the Greater Louisville region. Now, we’re catching up with each of the winning founders to hear about their Competition experience, including lessons learned and advice to future applicants, as well as getting an update from the company about what’s ahead.

Last but not least, we’re hearing from Jeong Kim, founder of Roborus
Roborus is building smart ordering systems enhanced by facial identification. Their robot technology and machine learning allows restaurants and other retailers to increase sales and customer loyalty, as well as make better, data-driven decisions. To learn more, you can check out their pitch here.

Why did you decide to apply for Render Competition? 
I needed a turning point for the company under unprecedented circumstances. 

What was something you learned from the application process? 
I learned how important it is to put myself out there as a founder of the company to grab new opportunities.  

What did you take away from your interactions with the judges? 
Through pitching to judges and getting real-time feedback, it further motivated me to achieve company’s goals.

What attracted you to Greater Louisville?  
Since we have been looking forward to working with a big franchise such as KFC, Taco Bell and Papa John’s, the city of Louisville is the optimal place to be located. I have experienced well-organized support from both the public and private sectors.

How are you using the $100k and how will it help you scale your startup? 
Since we relocated the company from NYC to Louisville, we have to use our resources to settle in the city but more importantly, we need to focus on developing customer-centric solutions to meet the new normal environment.

What role do you see your startup playing in the regional economy over the next 5 years?
Startups are already creating more jobs than traditional firms. As regional economies begin to rebound post-covid-19, these startups will be the main engine to get people back to work.

How has your business had to pivot or adjust over the past year?

Last year we tried to pivot our company from a ‘product company’ to a ‘service company’. It required a fundamental change in business strategy. 

What’s next for your company in 2021? 
Discover new customers and prove the new market/fit strategy.

What inspires you to continue to grow and push forward your business every day?
I want to make a difference. How? I read books every day to keep myself inspired. This is the only method I can rely on. Recently, I have read Phil Knight’s book ‘Shoe Dog’ three times. “Don’t even think about stopping until you get there…” It helps me move forward.

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