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News calendar    Mar 25, 2021

Patrick Henshaw Joins Render Capital Team

Patrick Henshaw, a corporate innovator and investor, joins Render Capital as Managing Director. With his extensive startup experience, he aims to help Louisville become a go-to destination for entrepreneurs. Learn more about Render Capital's efforts to provide funding and support to regional entrepreneurs.

Patrick Henshaw – a corporate innovator, investor, military veteran and West Point engineer – joins our team as Managing Director. Patrick, who moved to Louisville with his family in early 2019, has an extensive background helping startups across the United States grow and has also started and sold three technology companies in the software, health and data analytics space. With his leadership experience and startup expertise, he is expected to help the Louisville area continue to become a go-to destination for startups looking to succeed.    

“I am excited to join this dynamic, forward-thinking team and to collaborate with them as we work to open more doors for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds.” – Patrick Henshaw

As Managing Director of Render Capital, Patrick joins our team of experienced problem-solvers who are committed to providing funding to regional entrepreneurs. Marigrace Ragsdale, Senior Associate, leads efforts to increase access to capital for high-growth startups. In this position, Marigrace oversaw the 2020 Render Competition, which awarded a total of $800,000 across eight startups in order to grow and expand their businesses in Louisville and southern Indiana. She additionally leads our partnership with the equity crowdfunding platform WeFunder, through which she was able to unlock the first $80,000 of capital for four local startups.

Vanessa Koenigsmark, Senior Associate, leads our efforts around debt financing and wealth equity. Vanessa oversees the Growth Loan product, which provides low-interest loans to small businesses without the need for traditional credit score requirements or financial collateral. The Growth Loan has supported over 30 companies since inception – some of which have now gone on to raise millions of dollars through traditional venture. In 2020, she also led the creation of a Continuity Loan Fund in partnership with local organizations, which deployed $1,533,988 in loans to 68 businesses that were affected by the pandemic.

Our investment associate, Kolade Aderele, who recently joined the team after graduating from Boston University and relocating to Louisville, has been instrumental in supporting the company’s direct investment process and portfolio companies. Kolade, who is originally from Lagos, Nigeria, is also a volunteer with BLCK VC, an international 501(c)(3)-pending nonprofit organization that equips Black investors with the access, education, and community they need to accelerate their careers in venture capital. 

We started in 2020 as a $15 million regional strategy of Access Ventures, providing early-stage risk capital specifically for entrepreneurs located in Louisville and southern Indiana. The fund aims to establish the region as a national leader in entrepreneurship, attracting talent to these communities and ultimately stimulating the local economy.   

“We have already helped move four high-growth startups to this region and have provided investment and capital to over a dozen more to help them grow locally,” – Patrick Henshaw.

Since our inception, we launched the Render Competition, which supports and funds innovative startups in the region. In 2020, eight startups were each awarded $100,000 through the Render Competition, and for those that weren’t local, relocated to the Greater Louisville area from other cities –including Dallas, Texas; Salt Lake City, Utah; Chicago, Illinois; and New York City, New York – to begin growing their company. Outside of the competition, additionally, we have provided funding to local startups, such Resonate Recordings and Kare Mobile. Resonate Recordings is a podcast production company comprised of audio, creative branding, software, and podcasting professionals that aims to help their clients explore this form of storytelling. Kare Mobile provides mobile dentistry services in Jefferson County and surrounding areas. Through our investment, the company was able to expand services nationally. 

We envision a robust and thriving regional economy where entrepreneurs see the Midwest and South as a place they can find appropriate risk capital necessary for them to start and grow.

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