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Competition calendar    May 06, 2024

2024 Render Competition Winners

Meet the incredible winners of the 2024 Render Competition! Discover groundbreaking solutions from the 2024 cohort, awarded a total of $1.2 million in investments. All revealed during the inaugural Derby Tech Summit, with a backdrop of historic Churchill Downs. Explore innovation at its finest.

We are excited to announce the winners of the fifth annual Render Competition. On May 1st the record 12 winners introduced their companies to the Louisville startup community. The Render Competition aims to make funding more accessible to local early-stage startups in the Greater Louisville region and attract new entrepreneurs to the area that will be positioned to grow and scale locally. These 12 startups have been awarded an investment of $100,000 each, plus a broad package of benefits and support.

2024 Render Capital Competition Winners

Aurat Aroma

We answer the consumer question: How can I quickly adjust my mood after everyday annoyances to boost my productivity? By leveraging the broad market appeal of aromatherapy, as a vector to deliver our emotional regulatory solution. 

Bold Move Beverages

Bold Move Beverages is disrupting brunch time drinking with Cold Brooze, a unique and premium canned cocktail for coffee lovers that combines three timeless ingredients: Guatemalan/Columbian cold brew coffee, aged American whiskey, and Madagascar vanilla. is the community management & cardio fitness gamification app focused on empowering people to fall in love with moving every day.


A personalized AI practice coach for junior lawyers.

iba Plant-powered Energy Drink

Iba is a lightly sparkling plant-powered energy drink that delivers a clean, natural alternative to traditional energy drinks.


KidVestors is an AI-driven financial curriculum software for K-12 students. We set ourselves apart by seamlessly combining a culturally relevant approach, entertainment, and gamification, all while offering students opportunities to earn real cash. 

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Lifequipt is a disruptive tech startup with secure, user-friendly mobile applications that give individuals control over their identity, credentials, health records, and benefit eligibility information.

Melanated Healthcare 

Melanated Healthcare is a digital health platform and credentialed telemedicine practice that connects Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and underserved communities to health professionals.

Open Bay Autos AI Inc is on a mission to upgrade the way we interact with our vehicles.


Rhome is a co-ownership platform designed to make homeownership accessible for first-time buyers. Our innovative model allows co-owners to purchase, share, swap, and sell, building equity without relying on costly middlemen like real estate brokers.

Rush Roto

Product photos and videos instantly with AI.


Salubata is a trailblazing sustainable footwear brand committed to revolutionizing the industry with its innovative modular shoes meticulously crafted from repurposed plastic waste, contributing significantly to reducing environmental pollution.

We envision a robust and thriving regional economy where entrepreneurs see the Midwest and South as a place they can find appropriate risk capital necessary for them to start and grow.

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2024 Render Competition Winners

2024 Render Competition Winners

Meet the incredible winners of the 2024 Render Competition! Discover groundbreaking solutions from the 2024 cohort, awarded a total of $1.2...