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calendar    May 09, 2023

Q&A With Render Competition Winner - Gamerabble

Gamerabble, the Render Competition winner, is revolutionizing gaming with their gamified coaching system. Learn how they plan to scale their startup and contribute to the regional economy!

There are 3 billion people, worldwide, who play video games and almost all of them have one goal - to be the best. At Gamerabble, our mission is to provide quality esports and video game training that helps passionate players improve their skills and achieve their goals. My co-founder has been playing video games for over 40 years. He would like to improve, but when he looks at the coaching and gaming assistant resources out there, he finds himself wanting something more, something better. It turns out millions of others do, too. 

Gamerabble is developing a system that combines personal coaching, masterclasses, and Ai-powered match analyzer software, and it's all gamified, so gamers can get better at the games they love and have fun doing it. 

Why did you decide to apply for the Render Competition?

We saw a golden opportunity to take part in the Louisville startup scene and join forces with Render Capital. We had high hopes of snagging the competition win, which opened up tons of possibilities to network within Kentucky and Southern Indiana. 

How are you using the $100k and how will it help you scale your startup?

We're investing the $100k into the development of an integrated platform, and our plan is to take brand awareness through the roof! Our new platform will provide users with a unified experience from both the coaching and the software sides. We’ve also been able to start implementing our influencer marketing program and improve our customer outreach.

What did you take away from your interactions with the judges?

The judges asked excellent questions that helped us think about our business. They were a great introduction to the Louisville startup community.  

Render Competition Event Gamerabble Pitch


What is your impression of the Louisville and Southern Indiana Startup community?

There are some great people - founders, investors, supporters. We like that there are companies at various stages and enjoy the opportunity to connect, both formally and informally. 

Why do you see Greater Louisville as a good place to grow your business? 

The resources available to early stage startups and the active startup community make Greater Louisville a good place to grow our business. In addition to the access to capital, we gain a lot from the exchange with other founders, as well as investors. 

 What role do you see your startup playing in the regional economy over the next 5 years?

Our goal is to create jobs, attract other startups, and contribute to the growth of the region as an entrepreneurial hub. 

What's next for your company in 2023?

We're working on the new platform now and plan to launch in the next 3 months. We’ll also be introducing a new game on the match analyzer and new rewards. 

What motivates you to continue to grow and push forward your business every day?

The success stories we hear from our customers motivate us. We are so excited to help gamers overcome obstacles to reach mastery level gaming and look forward to them coming back to tell us about the achievements they’ve unlocked, whether it’s making their high school esports team, hitting a personal milestone, or coming in first place in an online tournament. It's incredibly rewarding for us to be part of their journey.

Render Competition Event Gamerabble

We envision a robust and thriving regional economy where entrepreneurs see the Midwest and South as a place they can find appropriate risk capital necessary for them to start and grow.

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